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Landscape Improvement Project

A sign for a Landscape Improvement Project by Gateway Village General Improvement District with a website link.
A construction phasing map for Gateway Village, with color-coded project areas and phases.
Gateway Village GID Construction Phasing

2019 Landscape Improvement Project

The Gateway Village General Improvement District has hired a landscape company to renovate and improve various areas within the community, including the renovation of five detention ponds, improvements to street rights-of-way, the subdivision entryway and monument sign, and the median in Gateway Avenue. The renovations and improvements will take place during 2019 and 2020. Improvements include updated and improved landscaping, new irrigation, creation of lawn areas, hardscaping, benches, trees, and dog stations. The goal is to transform the detention ponds into multi use areas and overall beautification of the community.

The project will be completed in two phases.

Phase-1 (2019) - Phase 1 of the renovations includes the 5 detention ponds, drainage channel in Gateway Avenue, and the monument area at North Chambers Road and Gateway Avenue.

  • Gateway Village Monument Sign
  • Gateway Avenue Drainage Channel
  • Maxwell Detention Pond
  • Greenwood Detention Pond
  • Crystal Way Detention Pond
  • Eagle Street Detention Pond
  • Enid Way Detention Pond

Phase-2 (anticipated for 2020) - Phase 2 of the renovations includes the street rights-of-way.